Japanese scientists create ‘unmeltable’ ice-cream

07:32 PM | 10 Aug, 2017
Japanese scientists create ‘unmeltable’ ice-cream
KANAZAWA - Japan’s Biotherapy Development Research Center has started selling a wonder ice-cream that doesn’t melt.

Researchers at the Kanazawa research center have been using polyphenol found in strawberry to keep a popsicle from melting for hours on a hot summer day.

Interestingly, the secret ingredient for “unmeltable” ice-cream was discovered by mistake. The Kanazawa research center had asked a local pastry chef to create a new confectionery using strawberry polyphenol, in an attempt to find new uses for strawberries not good enough to be sold as fresh fruit.

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However, the chef later reported that “dairy cream solidified instantly when strawberry polyphenol was added”.

That made it useless in confectionery, but researchers at the center realised that polyphenol could be used to make ice-cream melt a lot slower.

“Polyphenol liquid has properties to make it difficult for water and oil to separate”, said Tomihisa Ota, a professor at Kanazawa University, who helped develop the innovative treat. “So a popsicle containing it will be able to retain the original shape of the cream for a longer time than usual, and be hard to melt.”

The ice-cream is only available in Japan.