Afghanistan declares 'victory' over ISIS terror group

09:21 PM | 10 Nov, 2019
Afghanistan declares 'victory' over ISIS terror group

KABUL – Acting Afghan Interior Minister Masoud Andarabi Sunday announced that the so-called "Islamic State" terrorist group (commonly known as Daesh) has been defeated in the country, while remaining small cells would be eliminated.

The minister declared the victory over the terror group in eastern Nangarhar province, where he was introducing a new police chief, according to Afghanistan's 1TV channel.

Nangarhar is considered to be a key province since it was where the ISIS first emerged in the country in 2014 and established its stronghold.

Andarabi noted that some terror cells still remained in the country, shifting to other provinces, and pledged to destroy them.

The terrorist group had announced the creation of its branch in Afghanistan in January 2015, having launched a number of deadly attacks on civilians and soldiers.