Karachi students construct new rooms in GB school to ensure right to education

10:48 PM | 12 Jul, 2022
Karachi students construct new rooms in GB school to ensure right to education

At least sixty students of Nixor College Karachi constructed three rooms and one hall in Damas Government school all on their own.

Wearing workwear construction and armed with building tools, scores of students from Nixor's voluntarily signed up to build multiple rooms in a state-run school located in a sparsely populated high-mountain area in the north of Pakistan.

Besides the rooms, the team members also designed the children's corner area which aimed to offer opportunities for learning, support and education and help shape new ideas for the young seekers.

Different books were placed on mounted shelves while students were given chairs and bed flooring to sit and learn new things. Interestingly, team members also created inspirational quotes to motivate students of the far-flung area.

Speaking about their experience, students first hailed the community members for being courteous and tolerant. The students also pointed out the real value of education as they visit the remote school districts with little access to resources that are needed to educate youth.

Students were divided into multiple groups while their trainers and administration members also accompanied them during the tour to the elevated valley.

The student affairs department of the private college started the 'Gilgit Revival Project', during which they first constructed a school in a flood-hit area, and later expanded projects.