A open letter to the old me, with advice from the new me

02:53 PM | 14 Jan, 2017
A open letter to the old me, with advice from the new me
The writer wishes to stay anonymous.

Dearest Old me,

I write to you today wanting to impart all that I know or have become today. I look at you and I think there were more than a few things I should have done differently.

Of course time is the best teacher and you learn as you go along but some things and some situations could have been avoided and I wish I could re-do those.

This is precisely why, here I am older, wiser and still trying hard to figure out life but progressing positively as I go along.


I don’t blame anybody for who I was or how I turned out. I should have been more open to change and adapted myself as I went along.

Blaming people for what you have gone through is never the solution. At that point in time you feel you can blame the situation or somebody and accuse them and it will justify what you feel and what happened. Truth is, it won’t.

What I didn’t understand back then was that it was all in the hands of an entity far greater and superior than the human mind can comprehend. You can only try your best and then leave it in the hands of God Himself. The human has no control over situations and what happens, it’s a thing called fate that I understood but didn’t believe in back then. Fate is what you can’t change. You can pray it all goes your way but you can’t control it. You can however control your reaction and that is what it all boils down to. How you reacted or what you did. Losing your cool will never help and won’t get you anywhere.


Surround yourself with people that make you a better person.

Don’t base your friendships on who was popular in school or who you had the coolest groups. Know that it will all disappear as time goes on, only true friendship will stay and you will come to cherish it when times get tough.

Friends, who are there for you, reliable friends, are who matter. We become our surroundings and who we surround ourselves with. Company you keep now matters a lot. The impressionable age I was in was coupled with friends who were two or three paces ahead of me in all matters of life. They kept their equilibrium of studies and fun whereas I lost it and only focused on fun. Yet again, it’s not their fault, they maintained it, I didn’t, my loss.

I suffered too and learnt the hard way and I wish I didn’t.


Last but not the least, don’t care about what people say or think, just do the right thing.

You don’t owe people explanations and you don’t bow down to their expectations. You can never please them, never ever.

The amount of time you will waste on these people and wanting them to care will bring you nothing in the end.


I could go on forever but the list and the letter will go on as I learn more lessons, because life doesn’t come with a handbook, just try to make sense of it as you go along.

All the best.



Me, here and now