Young and Fun? Why Hatchbacks are perfect for you!

10:10 AM | 14 Jan, 2022
Young and Fun? Why Hatchbacks are perfect for you!

Pakistan is a country with a sizeable youth bulge. According to the latest surveys, 63% of Pakistanis are below the age of 30. These are people who are on the cusp of their careers and they make up important members of the growing consumer economy. It is their needs and wants, their consumption patterns that will dictate our economy’s trends. And when it comes to vehicles, young people are always on the lookout for something, fun, economical, and something that allows them to make a statement. This is why hatchbacks such as the Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Swift, Japanese Toyota Aqua, and the KIA Picanto have been such a hit with the younger audience. There are rumors circulating that 3rd Generation Suzuki Swift is to hit the market very soon. In fact, the booking is rumored to open in late February. This will really increase the range of choices available to this particular consumer segment. Now back to why Hatchbacks simply rock. 

Compared to sedans and SUVs, hatchbacks are fairly economical. They are competitively priced making it easy for young people to purchase and maintain. Besides, for the price range, hatchbacks have a lot to offer and provide good value for money. Most hatchbacks are nimble, agile, have great fuel efficiency, and offer storage space equal to most SUVs. Since most of Pakistan’s young people live in the cities, having a nimble and agile car is not only convenient it is a necessity. A hatchback’s size and shape allow drivers to navigate through mind-numbing city traffic and get from point A to B much quicker. Furthermore, the cost of living in cities is high and having a fuel-efficient car is most definitely a plus, especially for young people.

Young people are also big on traveling, making road trips, camping trips, and even cross-country trips. This requires a car that can handle a few passengers and offers ample storage space. Modern hatchbacks with ergonomic designs offer a ton of storage space. You can fit in multiple bags and even large equipment for camping in the foldable boot space that most hatchbacks offer.

Last but not least, it is the style statement that modern hatchbacks allow one to make. This is the reason why cars such as the Golf GTI, Ford Focus, and the Suzuki Swift are such a hit amongst younger people. Suzuki Swift, for example, and the Golf GTI both come in a number of funky colors. Suzuki swift comes even in dual-tone and is firmly associated with young people and fun drives. Even the very functional hatchbacks come in funky and unconventional colors with a lot of customizable options such as rims, speaker systems, and body trims. They’re usually quite aesthetically appealing when it comes to their overall designs and look – think Suzuki’s 3rd generation Swift and Renault Megane. All of these factors make hatchbacks the perfect car for the younger people of Pakistan as they offer exceptional maneuverability, boot space, fuel average, are easier to maintain, and are simply fun to drive.