Father's friend rapes 18-month-old baby in India

10:20 AM | 15 Nov, 2017
Father's friend rapes 18-month-old baby in India
NEW DELHI - An 18-month-old girl was raped allegedly by her father’s friend who was looking after her in the absence of her parents in Shahpur Jat area of Delhi in India on Monday.

According to Hindustan Times, the police after registering a case have arrested the suspect, whose name has not been disclosed yet.

The police say the parents of the minor left her alone at home with the accused when they went out to their jobs.

The unmarried 21-year-old suspect, who lives with them, is a friend and colleague of the girl's father. Both work for a private security company.

A senior police official said, “He [the suspect] came back after night duty while the girl’s father left home for his morning duty. Her mother and siblings also left and finding the child alone, the man sexually assaulted her”.

When the victim's mother came back from his job in the evening, she found the girl was crying and bleeding from her genitals. She rushed her to hospital where doctors confirmed that she was sexually assaulted.