Stars who turned down plastic surgery

07:32 PM | 17 Jan, 2021
Stars who turned down plastic surgery

A barrage of photoshopped clicks and filtered imperfections has lured the masses to believe in the narrative of perfection that has seeped its way as unrealistic beauty standards.

Cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs, lip fillers, and Botox, have become common among celebrities but some of the leading actresses refused to enhance their beauty through cosmetic procedures.

Here is a list of the actresses who refused to go under the knife and embraced their natural beauty.

Priyanka Chopra

One of the most recognised and applauded talents in the world, Chopra is no stranger to criticism and body-shaming. After winning Miss World in 2000, she tried her luck in acting but was continuously discouraged. Taking about her initial days in the industry, she revealed that one of the producer told her that she was not physically attractive enough and needed to get some beauty enhancement procedures. However, the Quantico star refused his suggestion of plastic surgery.

Julianne Moore

Tackling criticism about female stars getting old, Julianne Moore has been very vocal on her stance regarding plastic surgeries. The 60-year-old star spoke about plastic surgery " Cosmetic surgery itself starts to look normal, and we lose track of what a real face is like". Moore believes ageing is a natural process that should be embraced.

Deepika Padukone

The current reigning queen of Btown faced her share of difficulties at the beginning of her career. In an interview, the 35-year-old beauty revealed the worst career advice she ever got was getting a plastic surgery, which she refused. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is famous for her outlandish costumes and wardrobe choice but the 34-year-old singer has a firm stance on cosmetic procedures.

While the Bad Romance singer was often advised to get a nose job, she refused "I didn't because I wanted to be who I was." 

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz revealed she considered undergoing plastic surgery to address her insecurities. Candidly talking about her struggle for self-acceptance, the 23-year-old revealed that she apparently saw silicone implants in her dressing room back when she was 16 and considered breast implants, but eventually decided against it.

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