#Memories: These 5 food brands of 90's are missed by people

11:46 AM | 3 Oct, 2018
#Memories: These 5 food brands of 90's are missed by people
LAHORE -  The current TIME belongs to extremely interesting people. You know the ones who think Snapchat is cool and Facebook and Instagram is the new blog? Yes, we are talking about the smartphone generation.

The current teenagers can be very picky about their choices. It can be hard to convince millennials, make them agree on something and make them fall in love with a particular brand or product.

Let’s recall some of the interesting Pakistani food brands that have ruled our hearts for generations. These products are so cool, even the millennials couldn’t help but adore them.

Top Pops :

Prince Biscuit:


Jet Spot Ice lolly:

GoGo Pan Masala :

Pakola :

Do you also agree to us on these food items memories of our childhood?

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