Types of girls in EVERY girl gang!

10:02 PM | 18 Dec, 2017
Types of girls in EVERY girl gang!

“You can't sit with us”

Every girl squad ever! 



Seeing these girls hangout around the campus or in the mall always makes us think how well coordinated they are even with all that poles apart personalities and personas.We have all been a part of a girl gang at some point of life. Here are types of girls you will see in EVERY girl gang ever.


1) Social Media Queen: 

This is the girl you will probably see hooked to her phone taking pictures, checking Instagram or updating Facebook most of the time. There are a number of people waiting for her to get back to them but she has her own attitude. You can still get her attention by probably liking all her pictures from her school time to College  (pun intended). She will take pictures of every single thing; food, selfies, flowers, sky, you name it and they will have a picture of it.

2) Miss Chatterbox:

This is the girl who will entertain you the most and can annoy you at times too. She will not only entertain you but will also keep you updated with every breakup and makeup. She will always give too much information even when if it’s not necessary. Get your earplugs ready you’ll be needing them!!!

3) Fashionista:

She is the life of every gang as she and her life saving fashion hacks can make us from Fiona to Cinderella with a few quick fixes. Need a Style statement of your own or fashion advice? This is the perfect girl to contact!! From her trendy outfits to her insta ready looks she gets most of the attention. Picture perfect always!!

4) Tomboy: 

She is 20% girl and 80% “Bhai” , she will keep all the girlies in the gang protected from every “buri Nazar” and “buri Nazar wala”. She is the Bro of every guy her girls will ever interact , from her interests to her fashion sense everything will scream TOMBOY!!! Spotting them is the easiest as they have a very distinct look of their own. (You wouldn’t want to mess with this one tho).

5) The Mom: 

Ok so not even kidding every girl gang has this one “MOM” who is actually very overcaring, overloving and even overemotional. She will take care from your food to your personal belongings. She Is the one you should contact when you are unable to find something. She wouldn’t jump in on the crazy train with you. She will always have painkillers, tissues and plenty of useful stuff in her bag in cases of “RED CODE”.

The never ending girl gangs and their missions always keep things fun!