US Presidential Primaries: Sander wins Oregon, Hillary takes Kentucky

10:22 AM | 18 May, 2016
US Presidential Primaries: Sander wins Oregon, Hillary takes Kentucky
WASHINGTON (Staff Report) - Democrat presidential contestants Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders won one state each as Kentucky and Oregon polled for primaries on Tuesday.

On the Republican side, presumptive nominee Donald Trump further strengthened his position by gaining more pledged delegates.

According to US media reports, Hillary maintained a hairline lead over Sanders in Kentucky obtaining 46.8% votes against 46.3%. Both candidates, however, won the equal number of pledged delegates out of a total of 55. D Ken

In Oregon, Sanders managed to bag 53.1% votes while Hillary lagged with 46.9% votes. Out of total 61 pledged delegates, they won 31 and 24 delegates respectively.

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Republican forerunner Donald J Trump bagged another 18 delegates from Oregon, while John Kasich and Ted Cruz each won three delegates, despite their announcements to call off their presidential campaigns.

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After Tuesday's primary poll, Trump now requires some fifty more pledged delegates to reach the  1,237 delegates mark required to earn the Republican nomination for the November 2016 presidential polls.

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In the Democrat camp, however, the fight for nomination still continues. Hillary leads the race with 1,767 pledged delegates, but Sanders, who holds 1,488 pledged delegates, is still full of energy and not ready to give up.

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The Democrat fight will likely be decided in the first week of June, when some six US states, including California, will go for primaries. California has around 400 pledged delegates, and some huge victories on June 7 can turn the tables on Hillary Clinton.

Graphics Courtesy: Google, CNN Election Centre