Introducing the all new Rider Chat & Tracking Feature by foodpanda Pakistan

04:53 PM | 19 Sep, 2019
Introducing the all new Rider Chat & Tracking Feature by foodpanda Pakistan

KARACHI - Have you ever ordered food through foodpanda, and were left guessing where your rider is? Story of everyone’s life! Wouldn’t it be great if you could know where your food is? What better to get to know from the guy delivering it right? Now, with foodpanda’s newest feature, you’re left guessing no more! The newest addition to the application features a chat option that allows you to keep in touch with your food until it’s delivered to you.

foodpanda is introducing a new feature that allows consumers to start a conversation with their rider directly. Now instead of calling restaurants and foodpanda incessantly, you can chat to the rider if your order is running slightly late. The chat feature allows customers and riders to have a new medium of communication. Incorporated into the app is another great feature, where you can track the rider from his destination to his drop-off point. Now, and this is the real boon for consumers waiting impatiently for their deliveries, with real-time updates, you can follow your foodpanda rider right to your door.

Once you have your order confirmed, the ‘contact your rider’ tab allows you to start a conversation with your rider. From the restaurant to your front door, foodpanda now allows you to track your order so that you know where your food is at all times.

This in addition to the existing feature where you could track your food through the foodpanda app is now a cherry on top of the achievements of the application. This feature has been a part of the premiere delivering service for now more than 6 months. Your food, your way only with foodpanda Pakistan!