ROZEE.PK launches new logo, branding

10:53 PM | 22 Feb, 2016
ROZEE.PK launches new logo, branding
LAHORE (Staff Report) - The exciting world of online recruitment in Pakistan witnessed an important milestone with the unveiling of ROZEE.PK’s new logo and brand positioning.

The event kicked off with the hosts of the evening, Natty and Saad Haroon introducing. Monis Rahman (Founder and CEO of ROZEE.PK) joined the hosts on-stage to share the story of how Rozee came into being.

Founder and CEO of Naseeb Networks Inc., the parent company of ROZEE.PK, Monis Rahman said they were proud to had enabled over one million job placements since ROZEE.PK’s inception.

Before revealing the new branding of Rozee, Monis Rahman also discussed how Rozee grew over time with the help of investors. He also claimed that ever since it started, Rozee has helped about 1 million people in getting jobs all over Pakistan.

Near the end of the event, Monis Rahman along with the hosts and the crowd chanted Rozee’s new mantra “Agay Barho” while it’s new logo got unveiled. After which Monis also announced the launch of the new re-branded Rozee website with accompanying smartphone applications for job seekers and employers.

While demoing the new Rozee website on stage, Monis explained that looks aren’t the only thing that has changed about Rozee. He added that the new Rozee website also has complicated algorithms that take your information into consideration before suggesting the appropriate jobs to you.

The new ROZEE.PK logo which embodies a corporate theme with a vibrant green forward-facing arrow signifying its mantra, "AgayBarho!". The new brand positioning emphasizes ROZEE.PK’s role in catalyzing growth for both professionals and businesses.