Latest Snapchat update draws backlash from users

08:52 PM | 8 Feb, 2018
Latest Snapchat update draws backlash from users
LAHORE – Image messaging application Snapchat recently rolled out its latest update, only to draw criticism from millions of its users who are pleading with the company to reverse the changes.

New Snapchat Update

  • Stories are no longer ordered in chronological order. Instead, they are ranked based on your most recent interactions.
  • Users cannot re-watch a post right after viewing it, they will have to visit the user’s profile and take a second peek from there.
  • The friend’s section now contains snaps, direct messages and group chats all on one page as opposed to separate ones as before.
  • You now have to tap the Snapchat logo to access the camera and to see your story views and deleted snaps.

People are simply losing their minds after getting the new update.

Here is what Snapchat users wrote on Twitter about the new update: