'Islamic Information' founder finds 4th graders "love-letter", states media is polluting the minds of children

09:18 PM | 8 Feb, 2018
'Islamic Information' founder finds 4th graders
According to the founder of The Islamic Information foundation, Mr Fahad Khan, he recently came across an incident at a primary school where while he was conducting a session for grade 4, he encountered three female students who were quite distressed and angry. On inquiring the cause of their dilemma, he established that one of the 4th graders was in love with a boy in grade 10.

On further inquiry, he was given a "love letter" by one of the girls that the lovesick child had written. In his own words he was quite shocked that, (the)"Media has captured the mind of our people so much that even 11 year old girl (who can't even write proper english) want to be in love with someone."

Here is the letter in question;

Source; Scene On Hai

The poorly written letter was shared on a Facebook page, Scene On Hai which also shared Mr Fahad's message to parents regarding the dangers of "drama serials and Bollywood movies."

Source; Scene On Hai

He added further,"#Parents! Please don't allow your children to watch each and every drama serial and don't let them watch bollywood movies. Seriously, these media industries are only destroying your children's mind and future. Please open your eyes before its too late.. Also, please keep the check on their friends. Give them righteous friends as it is obligation upon you to do their good tarbiyyah."

Although some people agreed with the post, several blamed co-education for the issue:

Other Facebook users read the letter and had other things on their minds:

Some were of the view that this was just an innocent act by a little child:

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