5 advanced Vivo V20 camera technologies to up your selfie game

09:21 PM | 25 Feb, 2021
5 advanced Vivo V20 camera technologies to up your selfie game

Ours is a young, dynamic, and creativity-driven generation. We like to be independent, stay informed, make quick decisions, and carve our own paths to success. The acceptance of this very idea has created a plethora of opportunities and a brand-new lifestyle for the youth today. Naturally, where the youth goes, technology follows. Photography, content creation, blogging, and vlogging, which were once considered unconventional career options, have now reached a whole new level and have become favorites, both as a career choice and a hobby.

vivo, the leading global smartphone brand is no stranger to the needs of this aspirational and on-the-go generation. It keeps researching, innovating, and reinventing to satisfy customer needs. vivo presents the newest member of the premium flagship V series family- the vivo V20. The V20 redefines the selfie capabilities of smartphones, helping you chase your dreams without breaking the bank. Sleek, sturdy, and good-looking, it is a complete package for all your needs.

1.            44MP Eye Autofocus – The front camera offers the clarity and focus you all desire in a smartphone. Enjoy beautiful portraits that are rich in color and depth. The HD main front camera captures extremely intricate details even when zoomed in. The AF feature allows the front camera to focus sharply from 15cm and zoom out to infinity*. Whether you’re shooting up close, with the help of a selfie stick, or from great distances, the V20 doesn’t disappoint. The V20’s Eye Autofocus capability tracks the movement of your eyes, no matter where you go. Even when you are on the move, it can follow- be shifting smoothly between near and far vantages, so you don’t need to stare into the camera to capture the greatest moments.   

2.            Super night selfie- Who doesn't love selfies, right? The super night selfie mode is a gift to every selfie lover out there! The Aura Screen Light helps the camera automatically adjust to ambient light, allowing you to click amazing selfies at night with the perfect color temperature and natural skin tones. It’s like a studio light right in your pocket. vivo’s noise cancellation algorithm can highlight more facial details, helping your beauty defy the darkness.

3.            Dual View Video- Yes, you guessed it right. This Vivo V20 feature does exactly what its name suggests. Especially useful for content creators and vloggers, the Dual View Video mode lets you record with both the front and back cameras simultaneously. Now experience the best of both worlds and double your creativity! There are two modes to view your creations: Picture-in-Picture and Dual View. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is.

4.            Slo-Mo selfie video- This feature in V20 plays with time and technology to bring out creativity like never before. The user gets to switch between fast and slow motion at their convenience. Try playing an air guitar solo and see how cool you look in slow motion and control the time with your fingertips.

5.             4K Selfie Video- For vloggers who constantly use the selfie camera, this detail is a blessing. The 4K resolution clubbed with Eye Autofocus results in stunning high definition videos with unbelievable attention-to-detail, making sure you stand out from the crowd.

This handsome device is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. It has a 7.38mm ultra-sleek design and a 2.5D body that only weighs 171g, making it super-lightweight to hold and easier to use. AG Matte Glass adds subtle luxury to the aesthetic and provides a comfortable hold. Chemical etching further refines the surface, giving it warmth and making it resistant to scratches. The AG coating protects the phone from fingerprint smears. Furthermore, the 33W FlashCharge replenishes the battery life to 65% in only 30 minutes, making sure you are ready to click pictures, make videos, and work on your blog all over again.