Singer Annie Khalid talks about her journey from being fat to fit

10:42 AM | 25 Oct, 2019
Singer Annie Khalid talks about her journey from being fat to fit
LAHORE- Being in the public eye, weight-loss journey's of celebrities can be watched by the world. Whether it be in a short amount of time, or over their entire career several stars have opened about their weight loss journey — giving tips and inspiration or simply getting real about what the entire process was like. And of course, this includes celebrities like singer Annie Khalid.

Sharing a collage of her before and after pictures, Khalid wrote," For motivational purposes only! LOL i cant believe im posting this but this is for all those people who find it hard to lose weight!! You can do it! Left is after I had Isha and right pic was taken a few weeks ago."

Sharing her fitness inspiration story to encourage others to get fit, she also mentioned how difficult it was to lose weight despite her hypothyroidism because she didn't give up.

"I was on the keto diet but keeping in mind I have hypothyroidism it took me wayyyyy longer than it usually takes someone without the disease to lose the weight! So for all those people who msg me that they've lost motivation to lose weight I hope I can inspire you to never stop trying! #myweightlossstory," continued Annie.

Celebs are always getting scrutinized for their weight. While it’s hard to imagine how it can damage their self-confidence, the one potential payoff is some serious praise for hard work well done in dropping pounds.

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