Eman Ahmed, once world's heaviest woman, passes away in Abu Dhabi

02:35 PM | 25 Sep, 2017
Eman Ahmed, once world's heaviest woman, passes away in Abu Dhabi
NEW DELHI – Former world's heaviest woman Eman Ahmed who was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Abu Dhabi breathed her last on Monday.

The 37-year-old woman died due to numerous co-morbid conditions including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

According to doctors, the Egyptian national who initially weighed around 500 kilograms when she arrived in Mumbai in February was quickly recovering.

She left Mumbai hospital with a weight near 300 kgs to pursue further treatment in UAE in May.

She was under the supervision of the team of 20 doctors from different specialities who put her on a special liquid diet to reduce her weight enough for bariatric surgery.

Ms Ahmed's sister had alleged that her treatment in Mumbai was not satisfactory. She also claimed in a secretly filmed video that the doctors were using her sister for publicity. Doctors, however, dismissed the allegations as "complete hogwash".

Dr Lakdawala, who supervised her treatment at the Saifee hospital, said the hospital did not charge "a single penny" from Eman's family.

According to Saifee authorities, Ms Ahmed's treatment cost around Rs. 3 crore, of which around Rs. 65 lakh was donated by various people.