Pakistan mindful of Indian plot to sabotage China-Pak Economic Corridor

04:12 PM | 28 May, 2015
Pakistan mindful of Indian plot to sabotage China-Pak Economic Corridor
ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – After a series of statement made by military officials and ministers Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson on Thursday said it was fully aware of India’s alleged programs to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

The spokesperson, while briefing the media, said that Pakistan has been taking every possible step to complete the project however few elements are running their campaigns against it.

While commenting about a statement of Indian Defence Minister about supporting terrorism in Pakistan he said "The Indian defence minister's statements have confirmed Pakistan's apprehensions regarding India's involvement in terrorist activities in the country."

"Parrikar's statements are a matter of concern for not only Pakistan but the entire region and the whole world," he said, adding that, "Pakistan is taking appropriate steps and measures to protect its national interests." The spokesperson further said that Pakistan has been the worst hit by terrorism with more than 50,000 deaths and a loss of worth $100 billion to its economy.

Qazi Khalilullah, when asked about the presence of Islamic State in Pakistan, stated that no such group is present in the country. Few wall chalkings in support of the militant groups does not confirm that Islamic State has been functioning inside Pakistan, he said.