Nestlé to develop zero-waste tea-based fertiliser in Pakistan

01:58 PM | 29 Aug, 2018
Nestlé to develop zero-waste tea-based fertiliser in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD -  Nestlé has launched a new scheme in Pakistan which aims to develop a zero-waste, tea-based fertiliser.

Nestlé EveryDay, one of the biggest tea creamers in Pakistan, and Nestlé’s innovation platform HENRi@Nestlé, will lead the scheme, which aims to simultaneously reduce tea waste and increase agricultural yields by creating an environmentally friendly, economical and natural fertiliser for Pakistani farmers.

According to  Nestlé, 100 billion cups of tea are consumed every year in Pakistan alone, producing approximately 200,000 tonnes of used tea leaves. Tea leaves contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium: the three major nutrients that qualify any compost as a quality fertiliser. Together, these nutrients improve soil quality – maintain moisture and increase oxygen levels.

With this in mind, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY is looking for partners – whether start-ups, innovators, waste management companies, or other corporate partners – to harness the potential of used tea leaves and create a potentially game-changing product.

The project consists of three phases. The first phase of the project involves finding a way to procure wasted tea. In the second phase, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY will collaborate with a partner to convert collected tea into a fertiliser – ideally through a composting process to further enhance its impact. Finally, the product will be commercialised and sold to local farmers as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

This project will be piloted in Pakistan, where agriculture is the largest economic sector, with 47% of the land (30,440,000ha.) used for arable farming. The project will then be expanded into other major tea producing markets like India and China.

Muhammad Fahad, Marketing Manager Tea Enhancement and Open Innovation Lead for Nestlé Pakistan said: “As a company, our ambition isn’t limited to how consumers experience our products, it’s also about the impact we have on the communities we operate in and the world around us.

We know that there’s a huge opportunity to positively affect the lives and livelihoods of millions by creating a compost product out of used tea. That’s why we’re looking for partners to collaborate with us. The right product could offer an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution to enhance agricultural productivity around the world.”

Gerardo Mazzeo, Global Innovation Director at Nestlé, said: “We’re looking for effective and creative partners to bring this initiative to fruition. This is a sustainable solution that could safeguard the environment and contribute to cleaner, greener practice for years to come.

It will also help farmers to access a cost-effective fertiliser solution, so they can do the right thing for the planet without making commercial compromises. Initiatives like this are a good example of HENRi’s overarching purpose - to positively impacting individuals, society and the planet.”

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