"I will not be part of any Ramzan transmission," Hamza Ali Abbasi bids farewell to Ramzan shows

09:46 PM | 29 May, 2017
ISLAMABAD -  Acclaimed actor and television star Hamza Ali Abbasi has categorically ruled out the possibility of his participation in the Ramzan special transmissions as the holy month has begun with several Ramzan-oriented shows on mainstream tv channels.

The 32-year-old controversial actor said in a brief Facebook status that he will not be part of any Ramzan transmission.

"Because the only reason I did Ramzan transmission before was to highlight real issues we face and to talk against oppression and injustice I see around me (and got banned for it)," the actor added.

Abbasi also took a jibe at media for not picking up the real issues that the actor wanted to discuss in Ramzan. "It seems like our media is not ready to talk about things that I want to talk about."

Last year, Hamza Ali Abbasi had landed himself in hot waters after calling for equal rights for the country’s minority Ahmadiyya community during his Live show on AAJ TV and was also facing death threats after questioning Pakistan’s laws regarding the community.

During his Ramzan show on Pakistan’s AAJ TV, Hamza Ali Abbasi said “I want to say on Live TV that I will be discussing two things on the last day of Ramzan: One will be the Ahmadi community and the other will be the Blasphemy Law.”