Twitter rejoices as Pakistani man's 'wallet return' mission ends successfully

09:45 PM | 31 Jul, 2021
Twitter rejoices as Pakistani man's 'wallet return' mission ends successfully

Amid the plethora of tiffs on the internet, Twitter seems in a celebratory mood as Indians and Pakistanis have been brought together with a help of 'wallet'.

Delving into details, a Pakistani man takes his Twitter audience on a hilarious yet meaningful quest as he determinedly hunts a certain ‘Rahul’ in London to return his wallet.

In today's world, sentiments and compassion might have taken a backseat but the following Twitter thread has definitely melted hearts whilst restoring faith in humanity.

The hero-in-question is Ghazi Taimoor who is a Pakistani living in London. He came across a brown wallet, full of bank cards belonging to a certain Rahul, on Shoreditch High street.

Vowing to return the wallet, Taimoor sets on a memorable hunt whilst thoroughly entertaining the Twitterati in the following process.

The new wallet in town quickly rose to fame as it became the talk of the town. With a fair share of twists and turns along with amusing side commentary, the mission concluded triumphantly as the wallet got returned to 'Rahul'.

Needless to say, the internet showered love for the wallet hero for his kindness as they lauded him for playing his part to spread positivity.

Expressing his gratitude, Taimoor tweeted, "I’m slightly teary-eyed Pleading face as I type this, but I’m GRATEFUL for so much kindness and love I’ve received from strangers in this past one day. It’s been a terribly tough year for us all and it’s little acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in."

As the majority keep on underestimating the power of a kind word, the following adorable exchange is definitely a trendsetter.

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