KARACHI – Shaheen Air added a new Airbus A319 to its fleet on Friday, and also unveiled a new logo, an airline official said on Thursday.

The Airbus A319 is a commercial passenger twin-engine jet manufactured by Airbus. It is one of the most popular aircraft in the A320 family and is usually operated by governments and as an executive private jet as well. There are currently 1,441 Airbus A319 aircraft which are in service with 106 operators across the world.


Kashif Sehbai, Chairman Shaheen Air International, said: “This is a momentous day for the company as we have unveiled our new brand identity. It is not only an embodiment of our zealous values but is also a front runner to a promising future. With this new aircraft, we are poised to become stronger and thrive in this intensely competitive airline industry.”

Shaheen Air began its journey as Pakistan’s first private airline 24 years ago. It was the first airline to earn the privilege of being honored as Pakistan’s second national flagcarrier.


With 25 planes in its fleet, it is the country’s largest private carrier with a young and passionate crew, flying to seven local and 13 international destinations.–PR