Campus Life

LAHORE – A violent brawl erupted between two student groups at the University of Punjab on Friday.

The clash deteriorated when several other bystanders and university guards came under attack, prompting emergency in the area. A car of one of the faculty members was also wrecked.

All the gates of the university were closed, none allowed to leave or enter the premises of campus. The tremor was experienced by all as the clocked ticked 4:20 and those in the campus felt hijacked.

By 4:40 pm, the flow of campus buses resumed and then students rushed to catch the buses. Later, only Islamic Centre’s gate opened while rest of them remained closed. Dense traffic blocked the roads due to this. Then police and ambulances rushed into the campus, indicating the extent of terrific fight.

One of the spectators said “the fight was horrific. I felt as if one of the people might die. This was so much violent. My question is, is this even an educational institute whose motto is to groom individuals, is this education?”

Many senior wardens and superintendents, appeared perplexed of the incident and claimed that it is a futile trick used by Dr Mujahid Kamran, the Vice-chancellor of PU. They claimed that whenever a plan is passed by the government to replace the VC (who has extended his tenure), he executes violence at university so that he is considered as the most suitable and ONLY option for PU VC.