AMRITSAR- Afghan president Ashraf Ghani hurled accusations against Pakistan at the second day of heart of Asia conference in Amritsar,India.

Addressing the conference on Sunday, Ghani blamed Pakistan for providing safe heavens to Taliban leaders. He went on and alleged that Taliban leaders admitted Pakistan was assisting them.

Afghan president at one end welcomed Pakistan’s move of donating $500 million for restructuring of Afghanistan and also mocked that wouldn’t it be better if Pakistan harnesses the same amount for curbing cross border militancy.

‘Pak has pledged 500 million dollars for Afghanistan’s development,this amount Mr.Aziz(Sartaj) can be spent to contain extremism’ Ashraf Ghani said.

He expressed that the same amount could be used for putting an end to extremism in Afghanistan. Ghani thanked international leaders including US president Barack Obama for giving due attention to the problems in Afghanistan.

It is relevant to mention that Pakistan showed willingness to attend the Heart of Asia conference in a bid to support Afghanistan and promote peace within the country.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz especially went to India on Saturday to participate in the conference aimed at discussing the long-standing issues, Afghanistan is facing.