Local News

HARIPURA man has been killed allegedly by relatives of a girl he eloped with in Haripur in another “honor killing”.

Ismail Khan, 24, who was walking in a nearby village when unknown assailants shot him, killing him on the spot.

According to the police, Ismail had married Saba Manzoor, last week after they both eloped. Later, a jirga (tribal council) found the girl and convinced her to return home to fulfill the traditional customs of marriage after Eid.

Saba’s family persuaded her to return home after convincing her they would get her married to Ismail after Eid. According to the victim’s father, he was not aware of the whereabouts of his daughter-in-law and feared she might be killed too in the name of honor.

This is the third such incident in recent months in which couples that married for love have been targeted by their families and the local community.