The recently released music video for Hadiqa Kiani’s new single, “Chaap Tilak”, has once again proved that she’s still got what it takes to remain the music industry. The new single is part of her new album, “Wajd”, which is inspired by Sufism.

The new narration and vocals by Kiani are visualized in the video with a wedding background, put together by set designer, Aima Jaffer. The vibrant concept of the music video is conceived and directed by none other than Abdullah Haris. He has yet again outdone himself with beautiful details and highly positive vibes shown on screen.

The ideas displayed on screen are really special as they unfold. The bright and festive shades of the clothes and vivacious colors of the flowers, all form a beautiful essence of bliss. The concept as a whole represents unity and happiness that comes from celebrations; the happiness that comes from celebrating together with loved ones.

Execution of these visions would not be possible without the team of course. The video features stars, including the legendary Hadiqa Kiani, multi-award winner Hasnain Lehri and the heart throb Anoushey Mughal, along with Irfan Kiani. Superb hair and makeup by Hadiqa Kiani Salon, captures the special vibe of the song perfectly as the most intriguing pieces of jewelry were selected to complement the outfits.  In addition, leading stars in the video were seen wearing celebratory ensembles glistening with traditional embellishment, created by creative maestro, Ali Xeeshan. Noah Aslam and Xeehsan’s impeccable styling of the stars is commendable.

The incredible vocals by Hadiqa Kiani add an even greater sparkle and spirit to the feel of the entire video.  While Irfan Kiani holds music production credits, he also owns the melodic improvisations and  his harmonium skills are evident in the song.  The original composition and lyrics of “Chaap Tilak” are by Hazrat Amir Khusro, out of love for his spiritual mentor, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi. Furthermore, Ustad Nafees Ahmed features on the sitar, Rajvir on the dholak; backing vocals and claps by Irfan, Imran, Sharafat, Sakhawat, and Steve. 

The intention of this project was to present something unique and distinctive so that the creativeness of it all is easily identified and understood by the audience. The glorious vocals by Hadiqa Kiani herself, the star power and incredible direction by Abdullah Haris has been engineered to perfection.