LAHORE – The blue-eyed chai wala, who rose to instant fame after one of his pictures went viral on social media, is all geared up to leave for England for his debut film project.

Arshad Khan A.K.A chai wala who had previously termed showbiz as “disgraceful” has now signed a film titled Kabeer in which he will be essaying the role of the brother of the leading character.

“It is not honourable work. Pashtuns always look for work that is honourable …. If I can find some clean, honourable work, I will certainly do it,” he had said earlier.

He  said that he turned down several offers to act in a movie previously. “I was being offered a number of films, but I didn’t like the roles and scripts that were offered, so I turned them down,” he said.

“Even in this film I was offered a number of roles but I felt the character of the hero’s brother suited my personality the most. No doubt, my role in this film is very important,” he said.

The chai wala mentioned that he would be travelling outside Pakistan for this project.

“They even offered me a hefty amount of money but I can’t really disclose the number right now. One thing is for sure, that I’m travelling to Dubai and England for the shoot of my first film,” he mentioned.

“Whatever amount I am being offered is the equivalent of 1 crore to me because what really matters is signing my first film,” said Khan, while adding that he is quite excited about starting his film career.