LAHORE – A Chinese drama serial, Fuyao, is being appreciated by the Pakistani audience, owing to the catchy storyline and visual scenes.

The drama is named after the leading female character in the story, who has gone through all kinds of hardships and starts her adventures in foreign lands.

It is a TV series based on a Chinese novel. The leading lady has gone through all kinds of hardships and tried her best to make good use of it.

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In order to believe and love, she embarked on a journey of adventure in five continents. Fuyao is a very brave smart girl and is like Jane Eyre or Cinderella in certain ways.

Fuyao comes from the bottom of the society with a stubborn personality, but she is also brave, warm-hearted, and most importantly always holds a strong belief for love.

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The drama series is a wonderful presentation of Chinese characteristics, each scene in it looks like a Chinese ink painting.

In addition to the beautiful setting, the story itself is also a source of strength and courage, from which the viewers can all find inspirations.