LAHORE – A famous restaurant in Karachi has opened a franchise in Lahore without realizing how the women in the city might react to it’s name. It is humorous to some while it is evidently offensive to many, especially females who just cannot make sense of the name ‘Second Wife’. Have we really run out of reasonable names to make businesses work?

Women are considering sending a legal notice to the eatery with the hope that the name is replaced with a better one. Male chauvinism is bothering women as the name suggests it is absolutely agreeable to take your children to a place that implies it is acceptable to find the term “Second Wife” common yet hilarious.

Spot on! LOL

One baffled social media user wrote, “If the food and ambiance makes the restaurant take off, is it okay to let your children beg you to take them to ‘Second Wife’, what are they teaching kids and our society? That it is okay or even good to have a second wife. It is such a male chauvinist thought.”

Well, children these days are so smart compared to earlier times. They pick up and acknowledge everything we adults say without thinking twice that they are forming their mentalities accordingly. Our ignorance to such ideas is harmful for some minds that aren’t as developed as ours. The irony is that it is a family restaurant rather than a guys only shady cafe.

If the first wife isn’t cooking, one visits the other one? There is a clear implication that women definitely do belong in the kitchen and men have the option to visit the other for the sake of their stomach.

An eatery should be talked about for it’s food and it’s service rather than looking for publicity through an offensive name, so Second Wife concentrate on the quality of your food and direct more concentration on finding a new name for your venture?