Most of the vehicles we own in Pakistan have tracking systems installed in them. What many of us don’t know is that with those tracking systems we have jammers installed with which the person in control can control the vehicle from a certain distance.

You might have heard about the jammers of the political convoy’s protocol or seen those cars with a billion tall antennas. While we all know what jammers look like, we know little about their adverse effects and that all trackers have a jammer too.

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In Pakistan, people at times use this facility negatively.
A girl from Karachi shared this incident on her Facebook profile and warned us of a new way of car theft and other crimes:
Here’s what Kaynaat posted:


Hey Guys read this very carefully.Me and my friend was getting back from cloud naan, we were in a new car Corolla when…

Posted by Kaynaat Jamal on Saturday, February 10, 2018

This not only warns us to be safe but urges us to be aware of whatever we have inside our car’s systems.
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Source: The TeleGraph
Stay safe, everyone!