KARACHI – Pakistani movie Actor in Law starring Fahad Mustafa as a lawyer highlighted the nation’s electricity issue in one of its courtroom sessions and now Bollywood’s Batti Gul Meter Chalu is based on the same problem. Seems like electricity issues are not only limited to Pakistan after all.

Recently the leading actress of Actor In Law, Mehwish Hayat tweeted in which it is giving a major hint of sheer resemblance between the two movies. She wrote:

Not only is the issue common, the idea to present it through cinema is quite similar too! Fahad and Shahid both play common men who fight the matter as lawyers in a courtroom. For this confirmation, we can watch the trailer for both movies and you can judge yourself also:

Now, lets watch the Trailer for Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming  movie :

However, while it’s great to see Bollywood taking inspiration from our cinema, the producer, and director of the film are not too happy.

While talking to a local newspaper, Fizza, the producer shared, “This just proves that people are watching our cinema across the border. Be it discreetly, they’re still watching. It would be better if they started releasing our movies there the same way we screen Bollywood films here.”

This is not the first time we spotted plagiarism in Bollywood film industry in the past many producers had stolen Pakistani classic songs and remakes were also being done. Here is the proof also: