LAHORE – Travelling solo sound scary yet interesting so we bet you must have mixed feelings about the experience. But we assure you, it needs to be on your wishlist.

Here are five reasons why you should travel solo once in your lifetime.

It is great for your mental health

You will get some time to sort out issues that are dwelling inside you since long. Your mental health will go from ‘okay’ to ‘great’ within days.

You will be able to explore on your own terms

You will be able to explore the city/cities on your own terms. No one will be telling or suggesting their own ideas.

You can detox from technology

You will be near yet away from technology. You will be able to relax and detox, also you will detox from the daily hustle and bustle of technology by just enjoying life on your own.

You’ll get better at putting yourself out there

You will not need anyone else to be comfortable in your own skin in a new city. That is quite a milestone.

You’ll get to #MeetTheWorld

You will mingle with more people because you will be alone. You will feel eager to talk to people of different cultures.