PUNE – As per media reports, a 40-year-old man attacked his wife with a chopper over watching Pakistani drama.

He attacked his wife after he felt she was giving more importance to watching a Pakistani show on her mobile phone than speaking to him, police said on Tuesday.

The accused, Asif Sattar Nayab, has a business of installing hoardings and stays with his family in Pune’s Salisbury Park area, they said.

“When Asif came home from work, his wife went to the bedroom. When he went to the bedroom to speak to her, she kept watching a show named ‘Pakistani Drama’ on her mobile. Asif felt she was ignoring him and giving more importance to the show on her mobile phone. Felt ignored, Asif attacked her with a chopper (a knife-like tool) in which her right hand’s thumb broke,” the officer said.

A case was registered on a complaint against him on Monday evening, the police said.