LAHORE – A group of young women confronted a middle-aged woman at a mall in India after she allegedly asked men at a restaurant to rape them for wearing short dresses. The video shows the young women cornering the woman and threatening to make the video viral.

The woman seemed to be in a mood with the girls. The girls were however shocked at the woman’s behaviour. They seemed furious at her insensitive comments about rape, which is a serious topic world over.

“This middle-aged woman you’ll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion,” claimed Shivani Gupta, who posted the video on social media.

After the outrage that followed, the Indian woman, finally issued an apology in a Facebook post.

In the two-para statement, she said, I extend an unconditional apology to all the girls. In hind sight, I realise, I was harsh and incorrect in my statement. If any, I should have offered my opinion in private. I was concerned, however, I realise that I should have been protective and progressive in my outlook and not conservative and regressive.

As a wife, sister and a mother and more importantly as a woman, I value ever woman’s dignity. Once again, I profusely apologise to all women who’s sentiments have been hurt.”