In a culture that is rife with conspiracy theories and in which disinformation goes unreprimanded, it is no surprise that any self-proclaimed ‘whistleblowing theories’, videos or write-ups that promise to “expose” a celebrity are sold abundantly and serve as a ticket to popularity.

Meesha Shafi and Marwa Hocane, both brilliant talents of Pakistan, are the latest victims of this vilification campaign.

A Pakistani Youtuber, Almas Yaqoob posted a lengthy video that made futile arguments suggesting that Coke Studio star Meesha Shafi and celebrated actress Marwa Hocane are members of the Illuminati and are actually worshippers of Satan.

Almas said the celebs gained popularity and fame by the grace of Illuminati and attributed their achievements solely to their ‘secret masters’.

He further claims that the tattoos and jewellery worn by the stars are in fact an indecipherable secret language of Illuminati.

Watch the video for yourself!

Illuminati, which literally means enlightenment or illumination, is allegedly a secret group of people who work for Antichrist Dajjal and Satan.

Dajjal, according to some Islamic school of thoughts, is an apocalyptic Antichrist who will mislead Muslims and will endeavour for the dominance of western norms and culture.