Saba Qamar:

Saba Qamar appearing in Baaghi is good in her role, but what exactly are we trying to teach the world here? That a woman who got murdered, has been translated into a series of 40 episodes? Are we really that shallow to make money out of a Pakistani woman’s death?

There is nothing “GRAND” to offer in ‘Baaghi’, except the fact that the woman in view was notorious and deemed ‘bold’, and got murdered because of her social media videos that went viral.

We need to stop making money out of such situations, and show WHY we shouldn’t be acting upon these evil crimes. If they keep showing the story in Episodes, it’ll lose it’s purpose and people will definitely lose the point here!

We do agree with the HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE STANDARDS of Pakistani men though!

However, we need LESS exposing from our actresses, and MORE WORKING on their characters and roles.

Take a look at our TOP actresses, and how they’re exposing to literally reach the heights of stardom.

Apart from that, HINDI MEDIUM has a scene in which she appears in front of IRFAN KHAN, in her nightrobe, exposing her bust-line.

Seriously, Saba?! So you couldn’t have said NO to it. It was SO NECESSARY. Right, we believe you.

Kiran Haq:

We don’t know what went wrong with this one. She was perfectly fine when she entered the industry, doing cliche roles of crying and oppressed women. She didn’t receive much fame for it, so she thought to stoop to her friend’s level: level Expose!

Kiran has a lot of pictures uploaded on her social mediums, showing her exposed body and random men commenting WOW, BEAUTIFUL, SHOW ME MORE on their pictures.

Exactly what you needed isn’t it, Kiran?

Mahira Khan: 

Though she hasn’t really EXPOSED too much till now, we really want Mahira to focus on her acting more. Even though she has appeared with Shahrukh Khan in a movie, it still doesn’t mean she’s a good actress. She’s just pretty, really pretty (not according to us, according to everyone around us)

Please focus on your acting, Mahira.

We really hope our top actresses know that EXPOSING isn’t the way to success, their acting skills are. Though all of these women are good actresses, they’re losing their respect because of the way they’re carrying themselves.