BERLIN – Priyanka Chopra’s recent trip to Berlin for the promotions of her Hollywood debut ‘Baywatch’ landed her in not one, but two controversies.

First, the actress came under attack for ‘exposing’ too much skin during her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, Priyanka silenced the moral police with a sassy ‘legs for days’ post along with her mother.

She had to surrender to the next controversy waiting for her. She deleted her selfies with her brother Siddharth at the Holocaust Memorial Museum after she posted them on Instagram as a story, captioning them, ‘Holocaust Memorial #Berlin” and “sidharthchopra89 and I being tourists. There is such an eerie silence here.’

Twitter went berserk over the selfies, with users calling her ‘insensitive crazy’, asking if it was ‘respectable’, calling it an ‘attention-seeking stunt’ and much more.

The memorial in Berlin, titled Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, features 2,711 stone slabs that represent the gravestones of the six million Jews murdered and buried in mass graves during Adolf Hitler’s reign.

People visiting the site, which opened in 2005, are asked not to climb on the stones, make loud noises or smoke in the area.