MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood satr Priyanka Chopra is planning to host a talk show.

This rumour has got a lot strength since the actress tweeted a short video of hers, where she ask the men about the impertinent questions that have always worried about women.

There are many questions like what a girl is thing on her first date, what attracts her in a mna, whakt kind of bottles does she stroe in her bathroom.

She lists down these questions that men always wanted to ask but are too afraid to do so. The video ends with a message saying that Ýou are Gonna Have to wait a little longer, before another message comes up ‘Coming Soon’. And yes, there is #SomebodyStopMe.

Her role and her performance have been much appreciated in her international terrorism drama series, Quantico, for which she also won the Best Actress in a New Show at the People’s Choice Awards 2016.