‘HOW’ Indian Cinema promotes more vulgarity in Pakistan than Hollywood does

So this post is not ‘against’ Indians or anything. Just an opinionated article, that I feel is true to a considerable extent.

I do not agree to the fact that Hollywood or the Porn Industry have made things so commonly vulgar and available to people. As a country who was known as a part of India once or the sub-continent, we are subconsciously inspired by our Indian roots.

We cannot deny the fact that we keep an eye on their every move, the love hate relationship has always existed and will till time immemorial.

I want to start by stating the connection that we have is stronger with India than we have with Hollywood and Porn. Now we all know the porn industry prospers because people watch it, and please themselves with it. However, it specialises in fantasy tales, or something that is just not happening in real life. Everyone is aware of the fact that it’s all faked, and scripted, and that it is in fact, just a way to increase sexual activity within ourselves and with people we love, are married to, etc.

Porn has been available since the beginning of times for Pakistani population but until lately, the vulgarity levels and the rape cases and the open insults to women/harassment at work has increased. Public places are made difficult for women and they are being sexually assaulted in every day tasks too.

Well, most of the reason exists in our roots in India. We have grown up watching Indian movies, which were not as ‘fahaash’ as they are now.

Back in my mother’s days, the movies had stories, and the actresses wore simple clothes. Over here, women followed the same trend. They believed in love, and they believed in simpler times. Letters, staring into each other’s eyes for hours; these were the ways in which they loved. Until now.

Have we ever followed American Pie Sequels or ever tried those kind of parties here in Pakistan? Not too many would agree to it. However, the kind of clothes actresses in Indian movies wear, that trend is being followed in private parties here. I see women barely wearing any clothes now, no matter what background they belong to.

The trend of ‘lying to parents and sneaking out of the house with your boyfriends,’ how many times has it not been promoted in Indian movies?

A nation who has more Indian movies playing in their cinemas than their own Pakistani films, we were bound to turn to the nearest possible same-culture movies for entertainment.

However, the recent sexualisation of women in Indian movies has really confused the minds of the youth. Love exists no more, there is too much to choose from and too much free time at hand, till getting married to someone. People want everything ‘RIGHT NOW’, these ‘right nows’ have ruined many lives and relationships.

Access to sex has become easy, with the likes of promoting Sunny Leones and Poonam Pandey’s in India.

A nation who gave so much prestige to a porn star of a highest rank, and keep promoting vulgar songs of hers like ‘pink lips’ and ‘super girl from china’ promoting the sex dolls from China, what can you expect them to give to us?

The entertainment industry in India is no less than these pleasure-driven industries, but presented in a more civilized way. It is toying with our minds, and making us believe that it is only girls like these that should exist, and that simplicity is no longer respected.

Don’t believe how these movies affect individuals? Go through the rape rate in India and Pakistan and see how many cases have increased or decreased.


Yes, in order to attain celebrity status, they have to show their cleavage and ‘woo the males’. Little do they know that acting matters also.

Unless you take your clothes off in Indian cinema, you can’t be famous. It’s becoming the same in Pakistan too, sadly.

As we follow Indians and their cinema so religiously, all of this ‘trend’ and ‘change’ can be seen in attitudes, behaviour and clothes here in Pakistan also.

Take a look at what women wear to parties here. Take a look at what they wear in private and you won’t even believe half of the things they do in private.


So the question is: WHY DOES INDIAN CINEMA DO THIS? Knowing the after-effects of the women in their society taking their clothes off. What good has happened since they started doing that? NOTHING. I don’t understand why it has become important to take your clothes off to be popular. You want people to worship your body, and not care about your soul basically.

This society is sex-deprived, frustrated and shallow. They go after your FACE, your physique,  the way you look on the OUTSIDE rather than the INSIDE.

I blame the media for creating such images and putting them up online. Like, what are you trying to promote? vulgarity? You want to ruin the youth? Well guess what, goal achieved.


In the future, these women are going to take off all of their clothes, because, in the end, there is NO END to this madness. There is a competition, on who can reveal more. Ofcourse, we know the porn industry wins anyday. However, Indian cinema isn’t far behind. Nudity has been promoted in Hollywood on and off and in comedy films throughout most of our lives, however now it’s openly being promoted in item songs and Indian movies.

And who can forget the kind of shit they show in item songs? They made us women feel uncomfortable in our seats watching it. They are “THROWING IT IN YOUR FACE”.

With such movies, knowing that majority of the audiences are women, setting a standard of being this vulgar and revealing and having so and so body and fair complexion and wearing such clothes and knowing how to look hot and have those expressions.


Now unfortunately, I can see Pakistanis following in their footsteps, and promoting vulgarity and bold dances and scenes in movies.

We just LOVE to follow Indians, and are licking their spit no matter how much we openly spew hatred towards them. Let’s face it Pakistanis, we lick their Cinema Tatti.

I rest my case with the final words: be prepared for more.

Sana Gilani

Sana Gilani

Aspiring writer, singer, and everything in between. She can be reached at writetosanatalatgilani@gmail.com