Race for Ratings: Presenting Pakistani TV Channels’ Actual Ratings (7th to 13th March 2016)

Daily Pakistan has been regularly publishing average weekly new channels ratings of different programs aired at different time slots. We are trying to provide you an insight as to which channel or show is watched more.

The race of rating is real and certain channels and programs go to any extent to catch the highest position in rating. Our ratings are based on data provided by the Pakistan only media rating agency, Kantar Media (Media Logic). They provide ratings of different TV channels and programs based on which show is being watched the most at any given time. Kantar Media collects this information through specialized devices installed on televisions in homes throughout Pakistan. These ratings are a basis for advertising tariff and volume, hence very important for these TV channels.

We have made a graphical representation of the actual ratings of TV channels and their shows, as reported by the ratings agency. These are easy to understand for everyone and one can easily compare who is leading the race of rating.

The graphs below show ratings of different TV channels at different times of the day. These graphs show the average rating of each show in the given time slot. Ratings for weekdays and weekends are shown separately.

* Ratings provided from 7th to 13th March, 2016. Daily Pakistan will keep on providing similar TV channels ratings for every week, so stay tuned.


Programs that are aired in week days (Monday to Thursday)

Time Slot: 7pm-8pm


In the 7pm to 8pm time slot on weekdays, it is Samaa this time that is on top leaving behind the traditional leader (Report Card or Nuqta e Nazar).


Time Slot: 8pm-9pm


In the 8pm to 9pm time slot on weekdays, Capital Talk is leading as .This time Off the Record on Ary News is second.


Time Slot: 9pm-10pm (News Hour)


In 9 pm -10 pm time slot it is Geo that always leads which shows people preference to watch Geo for news. This one hour is allotted to news on all channels so this is basically a news hour.

Time Slot: 10pm-11pm


In the 10-11pm time slot, it is Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada ke Sath on Geo News that is on top.


Time Slot: 11pm-12am


From 11pm to 12 am, people like watching crime shows reenactments. That’s why crime shows on Samaa are watched the most. They surely are an addiction to many.


Programs that are aired on weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Time Slot: 7pm-8pm


On weekends from 7-8 pm, Sare e Aam on Ary News is leading this week.


Time Slot: 8pm-9pm


On weekends, in 8pm – 9pm time slot Tonight with Moeed Pirzada is a sure win.


Time Slot: 9pm-10pm (News Hour)


This one hour is allotted to news on all channels. The graph above clearly shows that people have give preference to Geo as always for news.


Time Slot: 10pm-11pm


10pm-11pm time slot on weekends is being taken by Samaa. News Beat with Paras Khurshid is on lead this time which is an exception.


Time Slot: 11pm-12am



Even on weekends, people have shown their huge interest in crime shows in this hour of the day. So its Samaa again without a doubt that took the lead.


Arva Aslam

Arva Aslam

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