Will the 13th prove lucky for the 13th? May reigns from July

Generally people from the western world consider number 13 as ‘unlucky’ but for Theresa May, the 13th Prime Minister of United Kingdom under Queen Elizabeth II, the 13th of July 2016 opened the famous black door of the 10 Downing Street – the official residence of Britain’s premier.

Will the 13s prove lucky for May, is a question that only historians of the future would answer, but the new premier from the Conservatives party made her intentions clear of building a better Britain for all. Making her intentions clearer she laid emphasis on her party’s full title ‘Conservatives & Unionists’ highlighting her belief in unionism stressing upon the significance of the bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. She also minced no words in upholding equality i.e. all who inhabit the land legally are to be treated equally. “We will build a better Britain not just for the privileged few” – a great message by the new PM for all expatriates including the sizable Pakistani expatriate community that dwell in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May also praised her predecessor David Cameron who resigned from his post after the famous Brexit – Britain’s exit from the European Union after majority British voted in favour of exiting the EU in a nationwide referendum held last month.

Among the immediate steps taken by May was the appointment of Boris Johnson – former mayor of London, as Foreign Secretary. It is pertinent to mention that Johnson gave tough time to former Prime Minister David Cameron with regard to his stance of not exiting the European Union. It is also significant to mention here that Boris Johnson was replaced by Sadiq Khan as the Mayor of London. Sadiq Khan hails from a British Pakistani family and stood by Cameron’s side over the Brexit issue.ENDS

The writer is a Member Executive Committee (Commonwealth Journalists Association)

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