BNU – An option, a choice, a decision.

We all get to hear about what kind of people study in various institutions, but what makes them join the universities that they join? What’s the motivation behind joining a specific institute, or the circumstances that led to the decision being made? Let’s take a look at why people tend to join one of such institutes in Lahore’s much talked about Beaconhouse National University:

“Kaheen aur hooa hee nai jigger LOL.”


There’s always a proper amount of these moving around the campus as if they’ve had to take the burden of gracing the university with their wisdom upon themselves. They’re also the ones who don’t usually tell their GPAs when you ask them *Eye roll*

“Jaani bachiyaaaaaaaaachabalalalabababalala.”


Aah. The poonds, the flirts, the shameless. No matter how much they may deny it, there’s always a certain amount of people who join BNU for a chance to get closer to the opposite sex. They may have had choices to join other universities, but clearly, BNU broke their hearts.

“Oh bhai, party scene hai. 4 saal anni chuk deni hai. Aha. Oho.”

SUPER TROOPERS, Geoffrey Arend, Andre Vippolis, Jay Chandrasekhar, Joey Kern, 2001, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

A little party never hurt nobody? Oh, grow up. Ah, these kids are usually the ones most excited about joining an institution like BNU and can usually be found near the shadiest of spots smoking God knows what at 10am in the morning. Yay, party.

“Yaar bandi/banda bi waheen ja rahi/raha hai.”


*Slow clap* Ah, the love birds. You’ll see them walking hand in hand all day whispering promises to each other and the once in a while “Oye tu ne suna hai, Ali aur Amna pakray gaye hain,” story usually does go around.

“Haan, yaar. Jo bi.”


Aww, he’s so cute and depressed. Aww, who gives a shit? These are the kids who’ll be seen walking around the campus alone all day, not talking to anyone, not showing up to classes, not… existing. You know where else you could that, man? Your HOME.