Those who vote, win

  • I caution you not to vote for the party you think will transform Pakistan; no one will or can do that.

Some 30 million of 106 million Pakistani voters didn’t see these elections happen, even after the ECP announced them in June. It was not a ‘trust deficit’ of these countrymen. It was their hope for something more sensational, more dramatic, more anarchic. But alas!

To admonish themselves with self-educating and lighthearted penalty, they must go vote, and take one voter with them. This single action will take voters turn over to over 50% and in the process, a much needed democratic optimism will be sown in their autocratic barren hearts.

To satiate their infallible urge to imagine and await something sensational and chaotic, they can assume that PTI will win (somehow) but IK won’t be allowed to be the PM (somehow).

Thus they can balance their national duty to vote with personal responsibility to sensationalize!

Then, if half of the PTI supporters who live on social media instead of their homes – and most of them did not cast their vote in 2013– go out vote this time, PTI will surely and clearly win.

And, if to the above 10 million we add those 10 million better-off urbanites, who think it’s lowly to cast their vote, Pakistan will witness a record turn over on 25th July.

Now, we are left with about 25 million or so voters who are either overseas Pakistanis, elderly or women facing barriers of mobility, albeit with deep commitment to vote. Help them reach their polling station (the elderly, and the women – not the overseas Pakistanis).

In the rural and semi-urban areas, the richer candidates hire qingqi (chin-g-chi tricycle rikshaws) which are very efficient ways to bulk transport smaller groups.

It’s not my flimsy assumption or rickety hope that people will vote in these elections. I believe they would, and I have logical reasoning behind this belief (though, for a true Muslim, no logic or reasoning is necessary to believe anything).

The first group comprises those who fell for PML-N promise of ending load shedding in 90 days, but had voted for PPP in 2008, will vote either PTI or PPP (depending on how angry they are).

Those who voted PML-N in 2013, and feel their government was not allowed to do much – not as much as was necessary to end the load shedding – will still vote for PML-N.

If you are a PTI voter and supporter and wondering how could ‘they’ vote PML-N! I don’t have an answer to your question, but I assure that your shockwave of disbelief is mutual with them.

Those who voted for PTI, or at least told so in their social media status, and realize that actual voting matters more than its selfie will go vote to absolve themselves of a deep guilt.

Those who wanted to vote green (don’t confuse it with the craze for ecology) but TuQ ditched them in 2013, many of them will like to enjoy and exercise nuanced shades of green at a display.

I feel the budding statesman KHR will bag more votes than PPP & MQM combined. But I hope his votes do not turn into seats, and he only acts a spoil support for PML-N (because none of the PTI present or past voters are likely to vote KHR).

Those who go out and vote on 25th July are superior to those who stay home, watch tv and kill themselves and their future. Let’s call them the suo moto nihilists.

Credible research tells that people do not vote for rational reasons; sentimental and emotional factors influence their voting choices deeply. Mr Trump is a living and kicking example.

So in election 2018, the entire jazbati qaum is urged to wear hearts on sleeves and vote for the party or candidate you ‘love’.

I caution you not to vote for the party you think will transform Pakistan; no one will or can do that.

But if you vote for a party you ‘love’, its failing will sadden and disappoint you relatively less.

But remember, when we vote, we win; and when all of us vote, Pakistan will win.

Those who will still not vote, it’s our time to take them easy. They are literally harmless.

Arshed Bhatti

Arshed Bhatti

Arshed Bhatti is a typical Pakistani who operates at very high level of confidence with extremely low level of knowledge. Being true Muslim he believes the real life is in the hereafter and urges countrymen to take it easy, and enjoy the talk shows. He writes songs, satire and fake non-fiction. He tweets @CivilJunction