10 suspects arrested amid overnight raids in Karachi

  • Overnight raids in Karachi, Hyderabad led to arrest of multiple suspects

KARACHI – At least ten suspects were detained during a search operation by police across the metropolis, during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday.

The raids were conducted in areas of Lyari, Ayub Goth and Ferozabad and according to police, suspects were trying to mug civilians in Ferozabad.

When police arrived, suspects opened fire. The exchange of fire between police and dacoits led to the arrest of two, while one managed to escape.

The injured dacoit was shifted to a nearby hospital while during another search operation in Sango Lane, police detained at least two suspects.

According to police, the suspects were involved in Lyari gang war.

Police also recovered plenty of drugs and imported liquor from the suspects.

Apart from Karachi, overnight raids were conducted in Hyderabad as well where at least five dacoits were taken into custody in a wounded state during an alleged police encounter.

According to police, the suspects were wanted for multiple crimes.

Weapons were recovered from the detained suspects, added police.