LAHORE – Prominent Pakistani human rights activist and lawyer Asma Jahangir says the civil societies in Pakistan and India have jointly acknowledged that the Indian barbarism in occupied Kashmir is unilateral and unjustified.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Asma Jahangir said that she also agreed that no other country has a hand in the recent public protests in Kashmir.

To a question on Balochistan, she said the India-administered Kashmir and Balochistan cannot be compared together, and the situation of human rights in Balochistan is not as serious as in India-administered Kashmir.

The Indian army is continuing ‘shoot to kill’ policy in Kashmir, while there is no such situation in Balochistan.

Moreover, she added, Balochistan is part of Pakistan whereas the Valley of Kashmir is quite different in nature and all its parts are disputed.

Asma also urged the rights organizations in Pakistan and India to press for troops’ pull-out from Kashmir.

Apart from Kashmir, she also stressed to pull out troops from Siachen. According to her, the deployment of troops in Siachen is inhumane and illogical.

She also highlighted the need of bringing people of two neighbors closer in order to solve the Kashmir issue.

To another question related to India’s civil society, Asma said that the Indian civil society is fully aware of Kashmir and their response was very encouraging and promising.