ISLAMABAD – Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani is confident that the proposed women protection bill will be finalized by the end of a meeting which starts tomorrow and believes there is nothing controversial in the bill.

The CII – which is a constitutional body that assesses whether laws in Pakistan are in accordance with Islam – proposed its own women protection bill in response after declaring the Government of Punjab’s women bill on the same subject to be un-Islamic.

The religious constitutional body also claims that the bill, which was drafted by Mufti Imdadullah, has been drafted in accordance with Islamic injunctions.

According to the CII’s secretary Dr Ikramul Haq the bill, which has 163 clauses, including one which infamously recommended ‘a light beating’ for wives defying their husband’s wishes, will be finalized soon.

Out of the 163 clauses, 31 have already been discussed in the meeting held in May while remaining clauses will be discussed in the upcoming meeting.

Copies of the bill have been distributed among all other members and Haq hopes that a consensus over the bill would be developed soon.