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KARACHI: Karachi Police has revealed that dead bodies are being stolen from the graveyard of Bilal Colony area in Korangi

According to Samaa TV, Liaqat Ali, who worked in the same graveyard, was taken into custody for this crime, while locals also accused him of such activities.

Police Inspector Zulfiqar Ali confirmed that the accused was arrested red handed, however he has refused to confess to his crime during the investigation.

According to him, the dead bodies are stolen to vacate space for new graves. After the removal of dead bodies, space is again sold for new graves, he explained.

He further revealed that space for each grave sells for Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000.

However, the accused has claimed that baseless and untrue allegations are being leveled against him and that a housing society wants to take over the graveyard’s land.