SHIKARPUR – Six people, including five members of the same family, were killed while four others were injured in a road accident on Sunday evening.

The accident took place approximately 25 km off Shikarpur. The deceased included Zeeshan Rajput, aged 38, accompanied by his 34-year-old wife Ana, and their three daughters Zainab , Aisha and Batool who were travelling to Rato Dero from Garhi Yasin town.

The car’s driver Abdul Majeed Bhutto also died on the spot.

Police officials said that the ill-fated car was hit by a trailer near Sohn Wah bus stop. The trailer also hit a nearby roadside hotel after hitting the car, injuring four people sitting at the hotel.

The officials also claimed to have arrested two accused Nayab Khan and Daftar Khan and impounded their vehicle, Dawn News reported.

Dead bodies were handed over to their heirs after autopsy.