LAHORE – After Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah shared his salary details, the details of salaries, allowances and other facilities given to judges of high court have also been made public.

LHC chief justice for the first time in judicial history had issued his details regarding salary and allowance.

According to the documents, a judge receives Rs 685,000 basic pay and Rs 269,000 in the wake of superior judicial allowance per month, besides getting Rs 25,000 for gardener, sweeper and cook services every month. Every year, twenty five thousand rupees are given for maintenance of garden at the residence of judges.

Every judge is provided a vehicle and 500 litres of petrol per month, while they have provision to use unlimited utility facilities, including electricity, gas and telephone.

On a daily basis, 22 litres of petrol is provided to every judge for generator at his residence. They also receive Rs 65,000 as medical allowance and Rs 65,000 in wake of house rent allowance.

As a whole, a judge of high court receives Rs 1,204,700 under the head of pay, allowance and other facilities every month.