Rose Petal Professional is a service that caters to the B2B market; hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, schools and universities. As a hygiene partner, offering a wide range of products such as tissue rolls, napkins, kitchen rolls, wet wipes, paper cups and more, it has always understood the needs of food businesses and partnered with them in their growth.

The food industry is a growing sector in Pakistan, with the Euro Monitor reporting this growth at 11 percent with an expected CAGR increase of 13 percent. With this growth comes the need for better hygiene practices, as this is a core and sore issue for both restaurant owners as well as restaurant goers.

As a trusted hygiene partner, Rose Professional partnered with School of Culinary and Finishing Arts (SCAFA), Pakistan’s only internationally recognized School of Culinary Arts is offering world class training, to start a nationwide movement, ‘I Choose Clean’.

The purpose of this partnership was to train internationally recognized hygiene practices in commercial kitchens through a formal training workshop with SCAFA. With 5 partner restaurants, joining in the movement, such as Dunkin Donuts, Fry Pan, Bamboo Union, Cosa Nostra and Gloria Jeans there are more in line that are set to become partner in the next training session on May 23rd.

The partner restaurants sent their chefs and kitchen staff to get trained by Chef Rob Burns and Chef Shahnawaz Khan of SCAFA on a variety of topics, such as Personal Hygiene, Commercial Kitchen Cleanliness, Hygiene in Cleaning Tables, Hygiene in Food Handling, Hygiene while Serving Food etc.

The trainers found it a benefiting success and the movement gathered a lot of momentum on their Facebook page at: